About Us

Batek-Lah Collection was established in 1980. Under the management of Lim Trading, it has over 30 years of experience in the batik industry.


We specialized in 100% Handmade Genuine Batik and provide various types of products such as Men & Women Clothing, Accessories, Kitchen Accessories, Corporate uniform & Gifts and customised batik products.


Batek-Lah with its own manufacturing and production line will be able to deliver the best quality products at a more competitive price.



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What Makes Batik Unique?

The word "Batik" means (“BAris”) line + (“tiTIK”) dot and can be translated as "wax writing" (hand drawn) and 'drawing with broken line" (Block Print).


Traditional Batik is created using the unique technique of “wax, resist then dye” on fabric since the 17th century. Each crafted fabric will undergo delicate and repeated process of waxing, dyeing, fixing, boiling and drying. The more colours batik has, the more time it has been through this repeated process.


As such, each piece of batik is unique in its design and beauty.

Contact Us

158, Transfer Road, 10050 Penang.


+604 228 2910
+6016 411 7500


Business Hour:
Monday - Sunday (9am - 7pm)
Closed on Public Holiday
(Please Call For Appointment During Off-Hours)

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